T6 Storehouse Construction – Minimal Resources

On a T6 Storehouse if you have to place 100 high-end resources it would take 300/3 = 100 placed. If you took that same 300 resources and placed them on another T6 structure where you could be optimal it would be 300/2 = 150 placed. If that structure were then deconstructed it would yield 150*.8 = 120 Novians. This is 120% of the needs for the T6 Storehouse. After placing 100 Novians on the T6 Storehouse you would have 20% towards the next one. This is the preferred method to use when building T6 Storehouses. If you want the minimal resources take what must be placed, multiply by 2 and then by 1.25 (or just multiply by 2.5), rounding to the next highest even integer to get the number of raw resources. In our example: 100*2.5 = 250. Once placed and deconstructed this will yield 100 Novians.

T6 Storehouse actuals:
Adamantium 30 Braces (90 to place if raw resources are used) 76 if made into Novians.
Radiant 10 Sources (30 to place if raw resources are used) 26 if made into Novians.
Steelsilk 20 Sources (30 to place if raw resources are used) 50 if made into Novians.
Thornwood 30 Sources (30 to place if raw resources are used) 76 if made into Novians.
Travertine 20 Sources (30 to place if raw resources are used) 50 if made into Novians.

If building multiple T6 Storehouses, make all your Novians at once to minimize wasted resources.

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Istarian Vaults

The vaults in Istaria can be upgraded.  You must decide whether or not it is worth it.  You start with a standard (or beginner) vault that has 200 allowable stacks and 2000 bulk capacity.  The vault may be upgraded as follows:

  • Upgrade     Cost              Stacks           Bulk
  • VU-I              10s                220                2200
  • VU-II             25s                240                2500
  • VU-III            50s                260                3000
  • VU-IV          100s                280                3800
  • VU-V*          200s               300                4800
  • VU-VI          400s                …                  6000
  • VU-VII         750s                …                  7500
  • VU-VIII        1g 250s           …                  9000
  • VU-IX          2g                    …                11000
  • VU-X           3g 500s           …                14000

*This is the point many would stop at, as you get no additional stacks from here on, only additional bulk.

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Farming: Dire Wolf Alpha Ears

Here’s a handy dandy circuit for farming dire wolf alpha ears. Port to Forest Guard, then run east into the forest and follow the yellow highlight path.


Dire Wolf Alpha Hunting Circuit

East of Forest Guard

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New Doom Map – being worked on…

Doom - Annotated

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Dragon Crafter T1 Spell Order Progression

T1 spells are good for beginning dragon crafters as they require only a single resource: sandstone. And the skill progression is staggered such that dragon crafters can focus on primal-based spells with only a few gaps in optinal skill.

NOTE: Higher tiered spells are not recommended as a leveling method as they require both the stone spell shards and essence orbs.

Here, then, is the order of spells based on skill:

1 – 100 Prime Bolt

10 – 110 ??? (GAP)
20 – 120 Immolate
30 – 130 Tempest
40 – 140 Grazing Winds
50 – 150 Ignore Mysticism / Brittle / Freeze / Group Health
60 – 160 Dispel
70 – 170 Rejuvenating Breeze
80 – 180 Blight/Nature Ward
90 – 190 Promote Vitality
100 – 200 Barrage / Improved Prime Bolt / Unrelenting Winds

110 – 210 ??? (GAP)
120 – 220 Energy/Flame Bomb
130 – 230 Blast

140 – 240 ??? (GAP)
150 – 250 Countercheck Primal / Soul Shield

160 – 260 ??? (GAP)
170 – 270 Quickening Breeze
180 – 280 Arcane Refusal

Welcome to level 35! Perfect for the requirements to start the Rite of Passage (ROP).

How many spell shards does it take? About 10k or one t4 silo worth.

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Ancient Right of Passage

The ARoP (Ancient Right of Passage) walk through has been added to the Quest page.  It can also be accessed here.  The Helian and Lunus portions have been verified.  Please let us know if you find any errors.

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Tinkerer Expert Key Quest

Expert Key Form Quest

Go to Delgarath as a level 100 Tinkerer and a level 100 adventurer and talk to Finagle Biggletorque.

You have received a new quest – ‘Biggletorque: The Archmage Darkstaff’.
Finagle has heard of chests that cannot be opened being discovered within Dralnak’s Doom. He believes special keys may be needed to open these chests, but the technique has been lost for centuries. He remembers, however, seeing and odd-looking key in the study of Gregory the Scholar many years ago and suggests you go there and see what you can discover.
Listen to Finagle
Speak with Gregory in Dalimond about Finagle’s Memory (Gregory will be missing).
Ask Richlan (the Enchanter Trainer) about Gregory’s whereabouts.
Look around gregory’s study for the key of which Finagle spoke.
You have received 1 Odd-shaped Key.
You have received 1 Odd-shaped Key (you should now have two).
Return to Delgarath and speak with Finagle about the keys.
Finagle tells you, ‘You found it Shakespeare? There were two keys? Entropy! This is an excellent find and we shall make use of it. I will take one of those keys off your hands to study. Thank you.’

You have received a new quest – ‘Biggletorque: Chests in the Deep’.
Finagle tells you, ‘Hoy there Shakespeare, come closer! Its time to give that key you found a solid test. Descend into the darkness of Dralnok’s Doom and Locate a chest. Use the key and let’s hope to Istaria that it works! Be sure to come back here once you’ve found and opened (or failed to open) a chest and let me know what happened and what you found within.’
At Finagle Biggletorque’s direction you have located an artifact known as a key that he believes will let you open these chests other Gifted have been finding in the deeps. He now sends you into the darkness to find a chest and try the key while he studies the other one you found in the hopes that he can learn how to make more.
Locate and open a Tier 6 Chest within Dralnok’s Doom using the Odd-shaped Key.
You’ve successfully opened a chest using the Odd-shaped key! You received from the chest: 1 Journal of Falinthris, 1 Strange-looking Key, and various normal loot items.
Return to Finagle in Delgarath with word of the Chest and what you found inside.
Listen to Finagle.
Finagle tells you, ‘Shakespeare, you made it back! And what is this? You were able to open the chest? Istaria’s Gears! That is wonderful news! What did you find? Oh, this is exciting… *he hops up and down excitedly as if to demonstrate how excited he truly is*’
Finagle tells you, ‘You found another key? Most intriguing, Shakespeare. And this one is strangely shaped, isn’t it? Well, I;m afraid to say that I haven’t made much progress on the one you found in Gregory’s Study. I have determined that it is made of Adamantium and that it appears to be magically imbued, but I have discerned nothing else about its nature or about how to make Keys in general.’
Finagle tells you, ‘This joournal you found… *he thumbs through the pages* It contains what on the surface looks like gibberish. But the markings on the cover, I would guess they are of Fiendish origin which means that the contents are probably encrypted. Not familiar with that word? It is something that the Fiends are fond of, being so secretive and all. You take words and apply what is called a Cipher that makes the text unreadable, or in this case gibberish, to anyone who doesn’t know the Key.
Finagle tells you, ‘Keys and Ciphers and Encryption. It all sounds like something only the fiends would create. The name in the corner of the journal means little to me. Falinthris. It rings no bells, but given how long the caverns had been closed, it is hard to say how old this journal might be. Centuries maybe. We may never discover what it says or why it was inside a locked chest with another mysterious key.’
Finagle tells you, ‘Shakespeare, good. I’ve been thinking about this journal you found. The Journal of Falinthris. The odds are good that he was a Fiend and therefore there may be someone in Kirasanct who knows of him or at the very least of his research. That is where you should look next, my friend. Travel north to the Citadel of the Snows and seek out the answer.’

You have received a new quest – ‘Biggletorque: The Journal of Falinthris
You traveled deep into Dralnok’s Doom at Finagle’s behest and used one of the two keys you discovered in Gregory’s Study to open a chest. Within, you found another key and a journal by someone named Falinthris. Finagle believes that he may have lived centuries ago and that the contents of the journal are encrypted using some sort of Cipher. He now believes you may be able to learn more about Falinthris by visiting Kirasanct, home of the fiends.
Learn more about the Fiend named Falinthris from the residents of Kirasanct.
Talk to the Scholar Trainer (Palaikis) in Kirasanct.
Palaikis tells you, ‘Falinthris, Falinthris. Yes, that name is vaguely familiar to me. You might speak with Kavanth or Androgos.’
Kavanath (Enchanter Trainer) tells you, ‘Falinthris? Yes, I have heard of him. He was a powerful Mage during the Age of Sorcery. I’m sorry, Shakespeare, but what is your interest in him?’
Androgos (Mage Trainer) tells you, ‘Hmm. That name. Oh, yes, The Cleansing. That is where I remember it from. Speak with Azmedai, Shakespeare, he will know more than I.’
Azmedai (Quartermaster) tells you, ‘Falinthris, oh yes he is known to me. His part in The Marking was quite substantial, though his name was not one of the more well-known. You found his journal, did you? Well, that is quite interesting! It is encrypted, is it not? Yes, I thought as much. There is only one who might be able to assist you to decrypt it. Travel to the Tower of Magery and speak with Eilen the Mage.’
Speak with Eilen the Mage at the Tower of Magery about the Journal of Falinthris.
Eilen tells you, ‘What brings you to the Tower of Magery, Shakespeare? It is cold, isolated, and there are many ferocious and hungry wolves on the way? So it must be something of great importance. An encrypted journal? A mage named Falinthris? Falinthris…
Eilen tells you, ‘Oh yes, I remember the name now. He was mentioned many times in the ancient tomes I found scattered about this tower when I arrived. He helped found it, you know? He was also one of the greatest mages of the Age and helped bring about the creation of the Fiends and of Kirasanct.’
Eilen tells you, ‘Many journals of the powerful were encrypted at the time, particularly among my own people. We are a very secretive lot. This age does not allow for secrecy as it once did, but we are loath to let go of the old ways. Yes, I can help you. But first, you must do something for me.’
Eilen tells you, ‘There is a tome of knowledge that I loaned to Androgos some while back and I have need of it in my research into the nature of ice magic. Carry this token to Androgos and tell him of my request. Return here to me when yo have the Tome.’
You have received 1 Eilen’s Token.
Recover the borrowed tome from Androgos in Kirasanct.
Androgos tells you, ‘Shakespeare, was Eilen able to assist you with the Journal of Falinthris? Oh yes, I have heard of your search. Everyone here in the Citadel has, especially since it concerns one of such importance to the residents. She sent you back here, did she? Oh, yes, to recover her Tome. “Studies and Investigations by Antarrilel” an interesting book. It discusses the nature of the source of magic and how the peoples of Istaria are able to use it so effectively. But you are likely not interested in such matters, here you are.’
You have received 1 Ancient Battered Tome.
Return with the Tome to Eilen in the Tower of Magery.
Eilen tells you, ‘Good, you have returned with my tome. Androgos had held onto it for far to long. I thank you for your assistance, Shakespeare. Now, I believe we had a deal did we not? Yo recover the Tome for me, I decrypt the Journal of Falinthris. Well, as it turns out I was curious what it said as well and went searching for the Cipher here in the Tower of Magery.
You spoke with many at the Citadel of the Fiends about the Journal you found in Dralnok’s Doom and finally were sent to speak with Eilen at the Tower of Magery. She sent you to recover a Tome she had lent to a fellow mage while she decrypted the writings by Falinthris. But her efforts failed and she could not locate a Cipher. Now, she believes one may be found at a forgotten stronghold deep within the northern mountains.
Eilen tells you, ‘Shakespeare, do not fret! The Cipher may still be found. You see, I have discovered that Falinthris rarely visited this Tower, even before the Cleansing. He resided, instead, at a tower deep within the mountains to the north where he would not be easily disturbed. Find this tower and you may find the Cipher and the answers you seek! The journals mentioned that the tower was somewhere within the Frozen Wastes and overlooked the ocean.’

You have received a new quest – ‘Biggletorque: The Frozen Tower’.
Locate Falinthris’ Tower within the Frozen Wastes (~274/292).
Use the Strange-looking Key to open the Ancient Chest in the Frozen Tower.
You’ve successfully opened the ancient chest using the strange-looking key!
Recover the Cipher of Falinthris.
You’ve looted the Cipher! Return with it to Eilen so that the Journal can be deciphered.
Return with the Cipher to Eilen in the Tower of Magery.
Eilen tells you, ‘You found the Cipher? Excellent, Shakespeare! I will decrypt this journal post-haste. Give me a moment please.’
Wait for Eilen to finish decrypting the Journal of Falinthris.
Speak with Eilen at the Tower of Magery about the Decrypted journal.
Eilen tells you, ‘Good, there you are, Shakespeare. I have completed the decryption and have translated the journal for you. Here is your copy, good journeys and thank you for recovering the lost Cipher.
You have received 1 Decrypted Journal.
Take the Decrypted Journal to Finagle in Delgarath.
Finagle tells you, ‘You managed to decrypt the journal! I am stunned, Shakespeare, I did not think it was possible. Oh Entropy, I cannot wait to read it. Please give me some time to read its contents and we shall speak again.’
Wait for Finagle to finish reading the journal.
Finagle has finished reading the decrypted Journal of Falinthris.
Speak with Finagle Biggletorque in Delgarath about the Journal of Falinthris.
Listen to Finagle.
Finagle tells you, ‘Oh my, Shakespeare. Where to begin. Falinthris, he was a genius and this journal contains notes regarding much of his work with concepts and items outside the realm of magic. In particular he wrote much about the nature of keys and of chests. It seems centuries ago they were found on rare occasions and Falinthris traveled far and wide to find them and study them.
Finagle tells you, ‘At some point he spent time discussing the nature of keys and of unlocking chests with the Academy of Tinkerers in Old Rachival. Imagine that, Shakespeare! The ancient Gnomes knew of keys and of chests, but the knowledge was lost. Likely with the fall of my homeland. A sad day indeed.’
Finagle tells you, ‘But I digress… Falinthris wrote what he learned from the Academy in his journal, including detailed blueprints of how to make the keys. Shakespeare, it seems there are two varieties – enchanted and mundane. Each type requires its own type of key and the journal contains instructions for creating them. Unfortunately I have discovered that the patterns for the enchanted keys are not found in the journal, so extra effort may be needed to locate them.
Finagle tells you, ‘So, Shakespeare, I have created the blueprints for you. And I have begun making a supply of patterns for the mundane keys that you and the other Gifted may purchase if you wish. I also found something in an old box of mine that might be of interest to you. And you will surely get more use out of it than I.’
You have received 1 Weapon Tech Kit: Frozen Weapon, you have received 1 Formula: Complex Key Mold, and you have received 1 Formula: Expert key.

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